From the Slums to Luxury

I hate the thought of being forced out of my home, but that’s something that I had to deal with recently. I lived in a neighborhood that had become so crime ridden that you couldn’t walk down the street without being harassed by someone. An old lady was once mugged in broad daylight by a brazen criminal. I couldn’t take it anymore and moved into one of the luxury apartments for Salt Lake City. That was one of the best decisions for me, because I wanted to lessen the chances of something bad happening to me.

I don’t know what will happen to the old neighborhood now that I’ve left. I hope that the remaining people can clean it up, but I doubt they can. The police force in that area can only do so much, and even with things like neighborhood watch in place, crimes still happened. The only possible thing that would probably get rid of all the criminal elements in that area is a rogue vigilante. As for the new area where I live now, it’s like the complete opposite. The chances of a crime happening down here are incredibly low. If anyone looks suspicious, the police will be on them like flies on a garbage bag.

Not too long ago, there was an incident where someone from out of town drove not too far from the new apartments where I live. He was on the run because he had kidnapped a young boy. He tried to evade notice by getting the color of his car changed and wearing a wig. He must not have been thinking that much about escaping, because he didn’t change his license plate. The local police ran a check on his plate and stopped him. That’s when they pulled off his wig and arrested him. The boy was returned safe and sound.