Should I Buy a Condominium in Balestier, Singapore?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Should I Buy a Condominium in Singapore?

Condos in Singapore are increasingly being purchased as both homeowners and investors look for more cost-effective living spaces than houses can provide. Condos tend to be smaller, making the investment even more feasible.

New launch condos tend to be located near MRT stations and offer amenities such as concierge services and karaoke rooms – not to mention high rentability.

1. Convenience

Before purchasing a condo, there are many factors to keep in mind when making a decision. Prioritize what your priorities are and assess the financial sustainability before making your selection. Sitting down with family members who will also live there can also help in making this important decision. Perhaps you would prefer an apartment with unobstructed city views at a higher cost or nearby amenities such as community centers and malls for increased convenience.

Your desired property should also be close to public transportation and other facilities like hospitals, schools and shopping outlets. If you intend on using your condo as an investment property, its rental potential should also be evaluated; you can do this by visiting at various times during the day; try visiting when temperatures aren’t too hot or traffic is light in order to form an accurate impression of where the place stands.

2. Value for money

Condos provide an attractive alternative to purchasing land properties in Singapore, offering more manageable mortgage rates and down payments. Home loan calculators and consultation with financial experts can assist buyers in assessing if they can afford monthly mortgage repayments of their desired condo, including interest charges.

Condos can also make for excellent long-term investments. When placed in desirable neighbourhoods with ample infrastructure and amenities, their value can only increase over time – something especially applicable to luxury condos in sought-after locations that attract both investors and homebuyers alike.

One important consideration, however, is that while condos may provide more affordability than landed properties, they don’t come with as much space. Therefore, buyers should carefully consider their size requirements when selecting their ideal condo – for instance avoiding closeness to refuse stations could help avoid allergies!

3. Safety

Condos provide an ideal living solution for city residents looking to remain close to all of the action while remaining convenient to public transit routes – making life in these homes convenient and hassle-free!

Condos tend to be low maintenance properties owing to their smaller sizes and modern interiors, saving money on maintenance bills.

When purchasing a condominium in Singapore, it’s essential to conduct extensive research beforehand. Take your financial situation, personal preferences and long-term goals into consideration when making decisions. Furthermore, engaging professionals such as real estate agents, property lawyers or financial advisors during this process is also key in order to make informed decisions which fit within both budget and future plans.

4. Appreciation

Property prices in Singapore have generally seen an upward trend over recent decades, making buying a condo an excellent long-term investment.

Condominiums located near CBDs or public transport hubs tend to appreciate at a much faster rate than their counterparts that are further away.

However, you must be prepared to commit long-term and not expect quick returns from your investments. If you want a fast way of making quick money then stocks and shares may be better for you.

If you’re planning to buy a newly launched condo, remember that occupancy can take one to three years before moving in. CPF funds may even be used as downpayment payments when purchasing one of these properties.

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