Why Should I Manicure My Nails?

Manicure is more than a simple nail polish job: it should become part of your regular self-care regimen.

Recurring manicures can help your nails grow longer, remain healthy, and promote blood circulation – but how often should they occur? Our nail technicians recommend scheduling one once every two to three weeks.

It’s a relaxing experience

Manicures can be an enjoyable, therapeutic way to ease tension. A manicure process typically includes hand and nail massage as well as other treatments to relieve any tension in your hands or improve blood circulation to your nails.

Appropriate nail care requires regular manicures in order to stay healthy, as a manicure can prevent painful hangnails that could potentially lead to infections as well as remove bacteria that causes fungal infections.

Many women find getting a manicure an effective way to relax. According to research, manicures can be just as relaxing as receiving deep tissue massage treatments and may even help enhance mood and boost self-esteem. When considering getting one done regularly it’s important to factor in cost as part of this decision.

It’s a great way to treat yourself

Many women view getting a manicure as a means of self-indulgence and relaxation, as well as maintaining beautiful nails. A manicure can also help boost self-esteem as they feel they are taking good care of themselves and will feel proud that their appearance looks good.

Manicures also help to clean up cuticles around nails, which is essential to prevent infections or bacteria accumulation on them. Furthermore, manicures help strengthen and revitalize them by clearing away dead skin cells.

Manicures are also an excellent way to stay abreast of current nail trends. There are various styles available that allow one’s personality to come through in their manicure designs.

It’s a great way to keep your nails healthy

We have all heard it said that nails can provide insight into one’s overall health. Nails can reveal when your body requires more water or nutrition; and provide insight into its circulatory wellbeing.

A manicure can range from basic to luxurious treatments, typically consisting of nail trimming, cuticle clipping, buffing, polish application and hand massage. Some manicures even include paraffin wax or hot stones to add additional moisture and enhance blood circulation.

As it can contain toxic chemicals that cause brittleness and dryness, it’s essential that nail polish used is non-damaging. If you have sensitivities to certain varieties of polish, opt for organic or vegan varieties instead. Clear top coat can provide added protection. Regular manicures will help your nails grow stronger and more beautiful while relieving stress while improving nail elasticity as well as increasing circulation for younger looking skin tone and enhanced beauty.

It’s a great way to make your hands look beautiful

Well-groomed hands have long been considered a sign of beauty and status; ancient Babylonians and Egyptians alike placed great value in nail care. Today, manicures offer an opportunity to express oneself while showing off one’s personal style.

Nail polish comes in an infinite range of colors, styles and finishes – and with gel/shellac manicures lasting up to two weeks of shine! No matter which manicure style you select, however, it is vitally important that you moisturize your nails and cuticles regularly with hand cream to maintain their health and beauty.

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When getting your manicure, select colors that complement your skin tone, using base and top coat to help extend its longevity. Additionally, if you are non-ambidextrous, paint your dominant nails first to prevent slipups while painting pinkie to thumb (this prevents any smudging), painting from pinkie to thumb in one stroke so as to minimize any potential smudges on other fingers and don’t forget to clean up afterwards using cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover.