My Boss is Building a Club

In effect I think that my boss is doing this as a tax dodge, because it sure looks like there is almost no way he can turn a profit on this deal. He bought this little building about two miles from his house and about ten or fifteen minutes from the office. It looks like he is just going to have private parties there and show off for his rich buddies. It is a short walk from the the back nine of the golf club at his country club. He went to and ordered everything, but he did not put it in his new company’s name. He is trying to fix it so that he does not pay the huge amount that the sports leagues want if you are showing pay per view sports at a bar of a club. They charge you a per person fee when you pay for the fifty dollar fight and then you have a bunch of people over for a fight.

It is not a big deal to me, in fact I am getting to do a lot of stuff that is probably going to be a problem for the real boss man. That is my Boss’ corporate masters. Of course they never show much interest in what we do and so it is not like I am all that worried. At any rate I am just doing what I am being told to do. If they are paying to work for him personally that is not any concern to me. Of course I get the feeling that I am not going to be welcome at this place when it opens up. The big purpose seems to be to have something for his girlfriend to do. She is apparently going to be the one running the place.