The Rise of Nerd Media

In an age where self-marketing has become a subject that can be easily read on the web and where formulas for success are found a search query away, it’s not shocking to discover services allowing users to buy Youtube views. Youtube is one of the most carefully monitored ‘social’ platforms. As it is no longer a mere social media platform that is not easily comparable to other platforms, users are able to earn income based on the number of subscribers and video views forcing Google/YouTube to expend a great deal of energy in preserving the integrity of the site in an attempt to keep everyone honest. Google even goes as far as to award money to those broadcasters who have found enough success to establish a media network within the Youtube ecosystem. YouTube has completely changed the way that most of us consume video media on the web and is responsible for success of many streamers.

Gamers have especially been lucky to profit from Youtube. With the popularity of such genres as Let’s Play andd First 15 Minutes, fans of games and players themselves are able connect through these videos. Fans are able to find a favorite gaming personality to follow allowing them to more massively enjoy the gaming experience without actually having to play themselves. I enjoy this quite a bit myself. I’ve always loved being able to sit back and watch friends or family play through a game without worrying about the stress of it myself. It’s a form of entertainment that has exploded in popularity. It’s no wonder that Twitch has become just as successful, if not more so, than Youtube in providing this unique kind of entertainment. Nerd culture is on the rise thanks to Youtube, giving video life to hobbies we may never have envisioned being watchable; like a campaign of Dungeon and Dragons.