Digital Signage Solutions with Exterity IP Video by RareDistribution in Over 50 Countries

Above is a introduction video on Exterity IP video and Digital Signage solutions. The company is a leading provider for IP video, digital signage , interactive display technology that helps companies harness the story-telling ability of video.

Other digital signage solutions across other cities

Exterity Demonstration
Trade show exhibition of digital signage
Offices all over the world over the year
Background programming design of products
Servicing over 50 countries globally


  1. Flax

    Digital signage happens to be utilized across many walks of live, empowering new information sharing and applications as never before. Below you can see how the digital signage platform might help your online business: in small retail shops, waiting rooms, swimming pools, educational institutions, corporations, plus much more customers.

  2. job

    FYI: Exterity is known as a market leading provider of IP video clip and electronic signage technology that helps organizations to utilize the ability of video to communicate, educate and captivate.

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