About to Start School at UTSA

I just got back in the states a couple of weeks ago and right now I am looking for apartments for rent in San Antonio near the campus of UTSA. I am going to start there at the beginning of the spring semester. Right now I am sort of enjoying the fact that no one is telling me where I have to be at every hour of the day. You learn a lot of discipline in the Army, but you also learn that it can get to be very old. I saved up a bit of money while I was deployed, there really was not very much that you could spend your pay upon to be honest. Still I have bought a used pick up truck and some other stuff that I needed, so I want to try to save as much money as is practical on the apartment that I choose.

The best thing to do would be to find a roommate or even two. That really makes it a lot cheaper when you split up the cost. For example if a single bedroom place costs five hundred dollars, a two bedroom place will usually go for around a hundred and twenty dollars more. So when you split that down the middle you are saving a couple hundred dollars every month. If you could get a three bedroom place, that is even better. Of course this assumes that you find people who are good to their words. I know of people who have all sorts of issues when they got into that sort of arrangement with the wrong person. Sometimes they spend the rent money partying and then expect you to cover them at the end of the month. That might not be a great idea with me and my temper.