My Mom is Relocating to Florida

I started looking at West Palm Beach luxury apartments not long after my mom retired as a nurse in Connecticut. She had always told me that if I could find her the perfect apartment, she would move south for good. I knew she was being serious, so I took the job of finding her a nice place very seriously. My mom not only held a good job, but she made some very smart investments as well. I knew that she would be able to afford something really nice, but I also knew that she didn’t want more than what she would be able to feel comfortable in.

Some people may want two or three bedrooms when it is just them, but my mom is definitely not one of them. She just wanted something nice, but it did not need to be huge. I looked at some one bedroom apartments at an apartment complex close to me, and I knew that I hit the jackpot when I found one that is perfect for her. It had all the usual amenities that apartments around here have like the swimming pool and fitness center, but I knew that the actual apartment would be what she liked best.

The apartment I found is 753 square feet. It has a 12 by 16 living room, and the kitchen is right next to it. It has plenty of cupboard and counter space, and there is even an additional pantry in the corner. The bathroom is next to the kitchen and can be accessed either through the kitchen or through her bedroom. Next to her bedroom is a huge walk in closet on one side and a balcony on the other side. When I showed it to my mom, she told me it was perfect. She has already put her deposit down on it, and the moving truck will be here next week.