Started Working on the Details of the House

We have the loan squared away and we have had the land for a long time. Right now we are talking to the sub contractors and working on the details. Obviously we have to think about getting some sort of Maryland adt home security system as we are not going to be there enough to be shore. The land is not exactly on the Chesapeake Bay, but it is quite near it. It is about half an hour by road from there to Annapolis and when the tides are high it is quite close to the bay, probably around fifty yards. Some of the locals talk about Global Warming in a very real sense. If you have been to the old part of Annapolis it is obvious that stuff is real, at least if you ever go there when the tides are really high. They call it nuisance flooding, but it is going to be a serious problem in the next couple of decades it would seem. Some of it may be because the ground is settling, but it is plain enough that the human race has a lot to do with it.

This is why we were looking to build the house away from the coast and up above it, above the highest tides too. In fact I am going to make the house so that the part that we live in iswell above the tide surge. Obviously you might get a hurricane and you might get one where the storm surge came at the same time as high tide. So I am going to build the house with a full sized garage and workshop on the ground level. I will put a nice slope on the floor too, so that if water did get in it would run back out.