Started Fixing Up This Old House

When we bought the place it was not in a shape where a person could live in it. I guess you could have sort of camped out in it, but it was as bad as it could be. It was a big job. We did get the TV service hooked up, went to one of the comcast service locations and they gave me a DVR. That needed to be done, but the real job was making it so that you could live in the place comfortable. If you think about it a house fulfills some very simple, but vital functions. It protects you from the elements obviously. It has to keep you warm in the Winter and reasonably cool in the Summer. This house was very poorly insulated and the heat pump did not function efficiently. So it did not do that stuff at a price that you could stand to bear for long. It was necessary to pull out the heat pump and we also gutted the place and re insulated the entire place.

After that you want to eat and sleep, you want to have a shower and make yourself ready for your job. None of that stuff was easy to do. The house had been on a larger lot at some point, but the city had eaten in to the property and now it sits relatively close to a very busy street. I had to erect what appears to be a solid stone wall. In fact it is a sound barrier of the type they put on the highways and I managed to get the city to pay for a part of it. I made it look as though I would sue them over it and of course they had apparently torn down a large hedge that had once done the job.