Different Types of Packaging Finishing in Queens, NYC

When it comes to adding that special touch to your packaging design, there are numerous finishes available to you. Selecting one in Queens, NYC that best accentuates your product can elevate its design and help it to stand out from its competition.

Gloss coating is an increasingly popular choice for image-heavy packaging in the health and beauty sector, especially those intended to capture specific design elements such as contoured packaging. Furthermore, its shine makes matte packaging stand out even further by drawing attention to certain features within it.


Varnishes are transparent coatings made from clear resin that are applied to paper-based materials like product packaging to improve their aesthetic appeal and strengthen them against environmental effects. Varnishes come in matte, satin or glossy finishes and can be applied evenly or selectively across a piece of packaging.

Varnishes are typically applied using drying oils like linseed oil or turpentine, both of which contain high proportions of polyunsaturated fatty acids that interact with oxygen from the air to harden the finish. Modern commercially produced varnishes typically use alkyds – chemically modified vegetable oils with good solvent, moisture and UV resistance – while eco-friendly coatings may use less toxic substances and have less environmental impact than these traditional options.


Lamination is a thin film applied to printed materials to improve their look and add protection from handling damage. Lamination works to deflect glare while increasing durability – ideal for frequent handling packaging situations.

Laminated products tend to be non-biodegradable and not 100% recyclable, which is important to remember before choosing your finish options.

Matte lamination offers a sleek finish ideal for many types of packaging. Additionally, its combination with embossing and hot foil stamping reveals endless design opportunities. Foiling adds an extravagant element to your printing, offering metallic colours along with pigmented and holographic options for foil stamping – creating eye-catching design possibilities and helping make logos or text stand out among their competitors. Combined with embossing techniques it creates one of the premium finishes available – perfect for making prints stand out among their competitors and creating striking visual designs!


Foil is an attractive metallic finish that adds a luxurious appearance to packaging designs. Best used sparingly and strategically, foil can accentuate logos or artwork designs on products. Furthermore, foil may also be combined with other finishes like spot UV or debossing for more impactful effects.

Foils are typically constructed out of malleable metals like copper, tin and aluminium and coated with various colours and patterns; popular options include the trending holographic foil which changes hue depending on your angle of viewing.

Foil packaging is commonly used to preserve food and drink freshness. Custom business stationery featuring foil adds a more upscale appearance without becoming garish or garish, especially when combined with soft touch lamination or embossing processes.


Embossing creates a raised impression of designs on paper or other materials like leather. It can be used alone or combined with foils and coatings; typically using two dies; one with raised surface and another with recessed surface, then sandwiching paper between these dies before applying heat and pressure.

Embossed designs add an eye-catching and classy element to any product, and are particularly popular among luxury items looking to project a sense of luxury and quality. Not only that, but embossed designs create an engaging tactile experience for customers; much more noticeable than printed ink, they have a natural feeling about them as well as being suitable for both flat and sculpted dies.


debossing uses a metal die to press into the product material and leave a recess for logos or designs, similar to embossing; yet the effect has its own distinct look.

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This technique is widely utilized when crafting paper products like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards and invitations; however it can also be utilized on more artistic projects involving metal materials.

Debossing decoration utilizes metal plates engraved and heated before stamping them on to products, creating permanent designs that won’t fade or wash off over time. Debossing can also be combined with foil stamping and custom printing for greater impact – ask your Metzgers account manager about pricing and timelines!