Ideas for Taking a Tour of Europe

I have always wanted to go to Europe, but I have never really had the time, or the money to do so in the past. However, for the last two years, I have been in a position, at my place of work, that affords me with much more vacation time, and a higher salary as well. As such, I want to take advantage of my new situation, and take a trip to Europe in the near future. I am thinking about taking a europe tour, because that seems like it would be a good way to see the countries in Europe.

I have talked to some people who have taken tours of Europe in the past, and from what I have heard, they had a very good time. I think that it would be a lot easier to take a tour of Europe, than to plan my own trip out. I like the idea of planning my trip out, in a custom manner, but I do not think that I actually have the patience to plan the trip on my own.

I need to look into information for different tours of Europe that are available, because I am curious to see what countries are visited, in different tours. I am sure that different trips, will go to different regions of the continent. I have a couple of countries in mind, that I definitely want to visit. If the trip does not include those countries, then I will probably look for something else. I also want to make sure that I get the trip through a vacation company that has a lot of positive reviews. In general, I need to do everything in my power, to make sure that this trip is fun, and worth the money that it will cost.