We Are Fighting a Battle Against Crime

The neighborhood that I live in is quiet calm, or at least it used to be. We have always had kids doing things that kids do, but no one was ever hurt. That all changed when a friend’s house was broken into while she was on vacation. She only lives a few blocks from me, so that was hitting too close to home not only for me but for most others in our tight knit community. We all decided that we were going to fight back, and that is how I came across www.home-security.co.

None of us had alarm systems because we were naive to think that crime would stay far from us. I am not even sure if it was being naive rather than it was something we just didn’t consider. Once we saw that even we are vulnerable to how crazy this world has become, we all knew that we wanted to have alarm systems installed. Since I do research for a living, I decided to find not only the best company to help us with this but also the best prices too.

The reason I chose this company was because the monitoring service that they use is ADT. This is a company that is synonymous with safety and home security. They have a stellar reputation, and that is the kind of company we all would feel safe with. I was able to get some quotes on both the equipment as well as the installation fees, and I presented it at an impromptu neighborhood meeting that several of us had put together. ADT is now a common site in our town, because so many of us have signs in our yards stating to the criminal elements that we are not going to lay about while they take our town from us. Instead, we are still in control, and we are determined to win this battle on our own turf.