Working in the Day and Studying at Night

What It’s Like To Attend Homecoming At The School That Invented The ...I am still on the wrong side of the world. If I wanted to advance in the job that required a move to the far East. It is not too bad, although I miss football and baseball and all of the great things about America. On the other hand I have gone about as far as I can expect to go with no MBA and so I have started working on one at night. I found a pretty convenient program to get a part time degree in Singapore. It is true that I am doing about sixty hours a week in my office, which is on the 12th floor of the Bank of America building on Raffle’s Place. However at the same time I am very often bored, as the job seems to have a great many lulls in it. There are a lot of times when I spend the better part of my time killing time.

Of course it never works out so that we are able to leave the office at 5 in the afternoon. You sit around most of the day and then stuff will come up before you get through the door to the elevator. It is very annoying to do virtually nothing all day long and then end up working late, but in essence that is what my job entails. I am there in case I am needed, because we do not have the sort of work that sits around until the next day in my department. It is all supposed to be done instantly and perfectly as well. At any rate I have plenty of time to work on the masters of business administration degree while I am on the clock and no one minds that in the least. I know some of the people here are doing independent contracts with all of the down time.