Had to Get My Face Fixed Up

I do not know if you ever had an air bag go off in your face, but it is not any fun. In my case I was sitting in a parking lot minding my own business. In fact I was using the steering wheel to prop up a clipboard and copying stuff from my laptop computer on to the clipboard. At any rate all of a sudden that airbag deployed after a guy hit me fairly hard and my clipboard exploded in to my face. I had to go to this place http://www.codenspecialists.com today and I spent about five hours in there. Of course they sent me to the hospital at first and all they could do was give me some pain medicine and tell me that I had to go see a dentist, or an oral surgeon they were not sure which I needed it seemed from talking to them.

At any rate the only thing to do at first was to wait for the swelling to go down. They gave me some pills that were supposed to help with that, but I have no idea if it did or not. Only when it had gone down a lot could the dentists start to rebuild my face. My jaw was broken and so for a couple of days I could not eat any solid food. I was taking milk shakes through a straw and that was pretty bad after a bit. In particular I hated to watch other people eating my favorite foods. It drove me crazy to see this random guy eating some sesame chicken in a street cafe down the street from where my girl is living right now. I was having to write stuff down too. I could talk, but no one could figure out what I was saying.