Apartment Guides in Las Vegas

I moved out to Las Vegas a few years ago to try my hand as a poker player, but it did not really go so well, and it was not too long before I was out on my luck and has used up all of my money. I drifted around for awhile, but I just recently got a job as a dealer at a fancy casino and that should be a pretty good job for the time being. So I am going to read an apartment guide for Las Vegas for some help with finding a place to stay.

I have enough money for the first and last month of rent for an apartment, and I would like to find something relatively nice and also fairly close to where I am going to be working. I know that the cost of living is kind of high in this city, so I can’t afford to spend too much money on the rent. In general I want to get an apartment guide, because it will help me to figure out good places to look into for my apartment search.

I expect to complete my search by the end of tomorrow, and I do not think that I have much longer than that. Right now I am staying at a friend’s house, under the condition that I do my best to find a place to stay as quickly as possible. I am pretty excited about my new job, I must say. It has been awhile since I have had a good job and so I can’t wait to get started with it. I also can’t wait to get my first paycheck, because there are some things that I need to buy that I can’t really afford before I get that first pay check.