Started to Look for a Place of My Own

Started to look for a place of my own, The situation I have now is something that was always going to be temporary and it has pretty much come to the end of things. Of course I managed to save a good bit of money and I am thinking that I shall be able to rent another house and split expenses with this one guy who is pretty good as a room mate. We are looking at and trying to figure out which power company to use if we pick this one house, but that is not something which we have decided on just yet. In fact we are keeping our plans a secret from the other guys in the house for now. We are still hoping that they will come through with their share of the bills. That would not stop us from leaving, but it would make things a lot easier on us.

The reason we need to get out of here is that the arrangement has simply broken down. It was a five way deal and it was great so long as all of us did what we had agreed that we would do. However three of the guys in the deal have not always been there to handle their end of the deal and that has made the situation untenable. If you have an arrangement and you want to work, then it has to be fair to all involved. In this case it is not fair that two of us stick to what we say and three of us only do what we are supposed to do part of the time. That is not a recipe for long term happiness, at least not unless you are the guys who are taking advantage of the other guys.