About to Start School at UTSA

I just got back in the states a couple of weeks ago and right now I am looking for apartments for rent in San Antonio near the campus of UTSA. I am going to start there at the beginning of the spring semester. Right now I am sort of enjoying the fact that no one is telling me where I have to be at every hour of the day. You learn a lot of discipline in the Army, but you also learn that it can get to be very old. I saved up a bit of money while I was deployed, there really was not very much that you could spend your pay upon to be honest. Still I have bought a used pick up truck and some other stuff that I needed, so I want to try to save as much money as is practical on the apartment that I choose.

The best thing to do would be to find a roommate or even two. That really makes it a lot cheaper when you split up the cost. For example if a single bedroom place costs five hundred dollars, a two bedroom place will usually go for around a hundred and twenty dollars more. So when you split that down the middle you are saving a couple hundred dollars every month. If you could get a three bedroom place, that is even better. Of course this assumes that you find people who are good to their words. I know of people who have all sorts of issues when they got into that sort of arrangement with the wrong person. Sometimes they spend the rent money partying and then expect you to cover them at the end of the month. That might not be a great idea with me and my temper.

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My Mom is Relocating to Florida

I started looking at West Palm Beach luxury apartments not long after my mom retired as a nurse in Connecticut. She had always told me that if I could find her the perfect apartment, she would move south for good. I knew she was being serious, so I took the job of finding her a nice place very seriously. My mom not only held a good job, but she made some very smart investments as well. I knew that she would be able to afford something really nice, but I also knew that she didn’t want more than what she would be able to feel comfortable in.

Some people may want two or three bedrooms when it is just them, but my mom is definitely not one of them. She just wanted something nice, but it did not need to be huge. I looked at some one bedroom apartments at an apartment complex close to me, and I knew that I hit the jackpot when I found one that is perfect for her. It had all the usual amenities that apartments around here have like the swimming pool and fitness center, but I knew that the actual apartment would be what she liked best.

The apartment I found is 753 square feet. It has a 12 by 16 living room, and the kitchen is right next to it. It has plenty of cupboard and counter space, and there is even an additional pantry in the corner. The bathroom is next to the kitchen and can be accessed either through the kitchen or through her bedroom. Next to her bedroom is a huge walk in closet on one side and a balcony on the other side. When I showed it to my mom, she told me it was perfect. She has already put her deposit down on it, and the moving truck will be here next week.

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From the Slums to Luxury

I hate the thought of being forced out of my home, but that’s something that I had to deal with recently. I lived in a neighborhood that had become so crime ridden that you couldn’t walk down the street without being harassed by someone. An old lady was once mugged in broad daylight by a brazen criminal. I couldn’t take it anymore and moved into one of the luxury apartments for Salt Lake City. That was one of the best decisions for me, because I wanted to lessen the chances of something bad happening to me.

I don’t know what will happen to the old neighborhood now that I’ve left. I hope that the remaining people can clean it up, but I doubt they can. The police force in that area can only do so much, and even with things like neighborhood watch in place, crimes still happened. The only possible thing that would probably get rid of all the criminal elements in that area is a rogue vigilante. As for the new area where I live now, it’s like the complete opposite. The chances of a crime happening down here are incredibly low. If anyone looks suspicious, the police will be on them like flies on a garbage bag.

Not too long ago, there was an incident where someone from out of town drove not too far from the new apartments where I live. He was on the run because he had kidnapped a young boy. He tried to evade notice by getting the color of his car changed and wearing a wig. He must not have been thinking that much about escaping, because he didn’t change his license plate. The local police ran a check on his plate and stopped him. That’s when they pulled off his wig and arrested him. The boy was returned safe and sound.

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From a Burned Apartment to a New One

I was unfortunate enough to have an apartment fire, and althought I got out safely with most of my important belongings, the apartment burned so badly that I couldn’t live in it anymore. I moved back into my parents home for a few months while I got back on my feet, and started looking for a new place to live. In my searches, I found my way to http://www.knoxvillepointe.com and learned about the Knoxville Pointe apartments.

I needed an affordable apartment to live in, but I still wanted to have something that was a little better than a run down cheap apartment. Standard amenities, and things like a pool, fitness center, walk in closet, and garage were all things that I look for in an apartment. My previous apartment had most of these things, except for the pool. Luckily the Knoxville Pointe apartments had all of this, including the pool. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself by imagining all of the great moments that I would have swimming in the pool after a long day of work. I had to keep a clear head and think carefully about the apartment before I put any money towards it.

I did the only logical thing for anyone looking for a new apartment, which was taking a tour of it. As I took a tour of the apartment, I began to like it more and more. It was much better than my old apartment, and just one look at the pool was enough to get me into another day dream. I snapped out of it and continued my tour to see the garage, closet, and other things. I started discussing the lease and the price with the landlord, and came to an agreement that allowed me to move into the apartment. I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

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