The People of the Towers

I had a chance to look at the Commonwealth Towers floor plan before moving into it. The floor plan gave me a good idea of what the tower would be like, which is why I decided to live there. The building suited all of my needs and was close enough to my job that I wouldn’t have to take a long commute to work. As someone who doesn’t own a car and has to ride public transportation, the less distance I have to travel, the better. I’d say things worked out perfectly for me when I moved into the Towers.

Since being in the Towers, I’ve had a chance to get to know my neighbors and other people who live on my floor. The person who lives to my right is an older businessman who had been living in the Towers for a couple of years. He made most of his money by doing stock market trading and real estate purchases. He wanted to live in the condo rather than a home because he felt it would be less maintenance. Every time I talk to him, he always has some good advice to give me about business. I was able to buy my first stock because of the tips he gave me, and that stock had done well ever since.

On the left side of me, there is a younger girl closer to my age. She’s attending college to get her master’s degree in teaching. She’s pretty cute and has the most adorable smile when she’s talking to me. Maybe I should ask her out one of these days. Across the hall, there is a married couple and their 8 year old son. They’ve been in the Towers longer than any of us. They are pretty friendly, and their son like to talk to me.

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Hot Air and Cold Cream

My heater was having some problems, so I found heating repair in Hackensack, NJ and had it fixed in less than a day. The repairs were quicker than I expected them to be, and they cost much less than I initially planned for. Because I had extra money from this, I decided to use it to treat myself. Normally when I feel like treating myself, I’ll go down to the local ice cream shop and order a gallon of my favorite ice cream, which is New York cherry cheese cake. They make the ice cream right in front of you by mixing the ingredients on a slab of marble and then putting it in a container.

Watching the ice cream shop employees work is like watching magic happen. The way they pound away at the ice cream and the ingredients on the marble slab is like they’re creating a person from scratch. Just looking at the ice cream on the slab has my mouth watering. Once the employee was done with my first gallon of ice cream, I asked him if he could make another one.

As soon as I got home with my ice cream, I put one of the gallons in the freezer, and opened the other one. I bought some ice cream cones and waffle bowls just for the occasion. The cones had a little bit of chocolate at the bottom to keep the ice cream from falling out of the bottom when it melted, but I always ate the ice cream so fast that it didn’t have a chance to melt. After eating two cones, I filled a bowl with some ice cream, added a little whipped cream and sprinkles, and ate it. It was quite the sugar rush, but enjoyed it and loved the taste of it.

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Started Fixing Up This Old House

When we bought the place it was not in a shape where a person could live in it. I guess you could have sort of camped out in it, but it was as bad as it could be. It was a big job. We did get the TV service hooked up, went to one of the comcast service locations and they gave me a DVR. That needed to be done, but the real job was making it so that you could live in the place comfortable. If you think about it a house fulfills some very simple, but vital functions. It protects you from the elements obviously. It has to keep you warm in the Winter and reasonably cool in the Summer. This house was very poorly insulated and the heat pump did not function efficiently. So it did not do that stuff at a price that you could stand to bear for long. It was necessary to pull out the heat pump and we also gutted the place and re insulated the entire place.

After that you want to eat and sleep, you want to have a shower and make yourself ready for your job. None of that stuff was easy to do. The house had been on a larger lot at some point, but the city had eaten in to the property and now it sits relatively close to a very busy street. I had to erect what appears to be a solid stone wall. In fact it is a sound barrier of the type they put on the highways and I managed to get the city to pay for a part of it. I made it look as though I would sue them over it and of course they had apparently torn down a large hedge that had once done the job.

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