What Are the Different Types of Touch Screen Monitors?

What is a touch screen monitor? A touch screen monitor is simply the combination of an input and output unit. The touch screen monitor is most often placed on top of an existing computer display of some sort. Often the display is LCD or LED screen while the system itself is either a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Touch screen displays are becoming more common in today’s touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

touch screen monitor

Why would anyone need a touch screen monitor? There are many different industries that use touch screen monitors in their work processes. Some of the most common are healthcare, education, retail, financial, and manufacturing. Each of these industries have different requirements for what types of monitors they need to have. Let’s take a closer look at each of these different industries and the types of monitors they may use. In the end you will have a good idea about what type of touch screen monitor is right for your business.

Healthcare industry: In the healthcare industry the most common type of monitor is the LCD touch screen monitor. This type of monitor is used to provide healthcare professionals with easy to see image resolution of patients’ vital signs. This monitor is connected to one main frame or hub that provides all the necessary connections and connection areas for an easy to use setup. It can display high contrast ratios, support for multiple resolutions, and high brightness which create a bright and crisp image.

Education industry: Another common type of display used in the education industry is the LCD touch screen monitors with the 1920 x 1080 resolution. This high resolution enables clear viewing of large amounts of text or artwork. These types of monitors can also display compressed graphics as well as full HD.

Consumer electronics: Another popular monitor among consumers is the LCD touch screen monitor with the DVI output connections. The DVI output connections are useful for connecting a DVI video source to an LCD display. This makes it possible for consumers to view digital content such as photographs or videos. However, when connecting the external display port connections are required.

Entertainment industry: For the entertainment industry there are only a few different options available when it comes to touch screen monitors. One option includes the use of a keyboard for input. While this is commonly used for controlling video games, it can also be used to control other computer applications. A keyboard can be connected using the 10-point multi-touch or the resistive touch technology. This option connects through the USB or FireWire interface.

Consumer electronics: While all of the consumer electronics touch screen monitors will work with most laptop computers the specific type of laptop computer will make a difference in the monitor that can be used. The two different types include the convertible and the laptop replacement. A convertible is a thin frame laptop that is able to be used with desktop monitors. A laptop replacement has a screen that is smaller than the standard screen on most laptop computers. Usually a pair of these monitors are used for either a desktop computer or notebook computer.

Gaming: Gaming can be enjoyed by anyone and with touch screen monitors it is even easier. Gamers will find that a large touch screen monitor works great for controlling their game play. These devices allow a player to look at a game’s interface to choose commands and items. Most often a player will use one of these types of devices for controlling their games with precision.

Presentation: One of the most popular uses for touch screens is in presentations. Most people enjoy using a touch screen monitor for PowerPoint and doing other presentation style tasks. The reason behind this is that it makes doing these types of presentations easier and more comfortable. Many professionals also use faytech north displays for these same types of presentations.

Medical: Infrared light emitting touch-screen display monitors are used by doctors to display information on their patient’s chart. Many people experience a change in the way that they see things when they are ill or injured. Using an infrared light emitting diode (LED) will help to reduce the glare that is created by a computer screen. Many doctors choose to use a resistive touch screen display for this application.

Planar Helium: If you are in need of a touch screen monitor that has high definition visuals and can display a large amount of information, then you may want to consider a planar helium system. These models are very easy to use because they have built in speakers. You can even connect them up to your computer so that you can easily view charts and graphs on your display. The best part about these is that they are affordable, and most of them offer a high definition display.