Just Getting Moved in This Morning

We had all of the stuff over here already, but Meg and I have just now got into the house and started to unpack stuff. Of course a lot of my stuff did not make the cut, but my buddies took a lot of it off my hands. This is a tiny place. There is just over a quarter of an acre of land and the house is basically one story with sort of a loft for a second story. I got Directv for the NFL Sunday ticket package they give you free. it is almost football season and I got a really good deal on it. Of course I was not really sure that it would work. You can not just get the satellite signal any place. You need a line of sight to the satellites, which basically means that you need to get the satellite dish and point it at a specific part of the sky. If there are trees blocking your line of sight to that point you are out of luck.

At any rate I got up on the roof with a compass and figured out which direction I needed to look and I figured out the approximate direction that I needed to point the dish. I found one spot which looked like it would work, but it did not seem practical at first. Then I realized that I could make a sort of saddle which would position the dish so that it faces in the right direction. You can buy these, but I got a good idea of what it should look like and then I borrowed a bit of tubing from the shop and asked this guy to bend it into the right shape. After that it was all fairly simple and easy to do.